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“Before Stonewall” 35th Anniversary Re-Release. Newly restored for the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots! Opens June 21 in NY and June 28 in LA via First Run Features.

“Before Stonewall” Poster Courtesy of First Run Features.

“Before Stonewall” Poster Courtesy of First Run Features.

Jezebel Productions is a women’s film production company founded by Greta Schiller and Andrea Weiss in 1985.

As early pioneers of LGBT and feminist filmmaking, Greta and Andrea have reframed the traditional narratives that shape history and define society. Their work is both progressive in content and transgressive in style, at times fusing fiction and nonfiction, incorporating avant garde opera, staging theatrical monologues, drawing upon spoken poetry, or taking the form of immersive cinema. Fiercely independent, their films on social issues, erased histories, and science and society are loved by audiences around the world. Jezebel has garnered two Emmy Awards, three Fulbright Awards, and numerous international film festival awards.

“Before Stonewall” Synopsis:

In 1969 the police raided the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in New York City's Greenwich Village, leading to three nights of rioting by the city's gay community. With this outpouring of courage and unity the gay liberation movement had begun.

“Before Stonewall” pries open the closet door, setting free the dramatic story of the sometimes horrifying public and private existences experienced by LGBT Americans since the early 1900's. Revealing and often humorous, this widely acclaimed film relives the emotionally-charged sparking of today's gay rights movement, from the events that led to the fevered 1969 riots to many other milestones in the brave fight for acceptance. Experience the fascinating and unforgettable, decade-by-decade history of homosexuality in America through eye-opening historical footage and amazing interviews with those who lived through an often brutal closeted history.

Narrated by iconic author Rita Mae Brown. Groundbreaking interviews with Ann Bannon, Martin Duberman, Allen Ginsberg, Barbara Gittings, Harry Hay, Mabel Hampton, Dr. Evelyn Hooker, Frank Kameny, Audre Lorde, Richard Bruce Nugent, Jose Sarria and many more.

About the restoration: The 16mm negative was scanned and digitized at Periscope Films in Los Angeles. The file was then color corrected at Edition Salzgeber in Berlin, who created the ProRes and DCP. Director Greta Schiller supervised the process and approved the new ProRes and DCP.

Executive Producer: John Scagliotti. Director: Greta Schiller. Co-Director: Robert Rosenberg. Produced by Robert Rosenberg, John Scagliotti & Greta Schiller.

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